Recipe of the Week
Grilled Korean BBQ Bulgogi
September 27, 2012

I have only had this dish once in a restaurant, so I’m not sure if what I’ve created is actually authentic. I can guarantee that what you are about to eat has a mind blowing flavor!

I spent a really fun weekend experimenting and then eating this meal. After several variations, this is the version that I am proud to have in my cookbook.

*1 ½ lbs pork loin (you can also use almost any cut of beef)

*1 Tablespoon toasted sesame seed
*2 cloves garlic finely chopped
* ½ Tablespoon fresh ginger grated
*2 scallions finely chopped
* 1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
*2 Tablespoons Mirin or rice wine
*2 Tablespoons sesame oil
*2 teaspoons white granulated sugar
* ½ teaspoon hot pepper flakes

*Large romaine lettuce leaves
*8-10 wood skewers
*Sticky white rice (I use my “Sticky White Rice/Sushi Rice” recipe.)
*Slices of ripe Asian pear (optional)

*Soy sauce
*Sweet chili sauce
*Sriracha hot sauce

Place the meat on a flat surface in the freezer. Freezing the meat slightly allows it to set and become a bit firm. Cutting the pork loin into medallions will be much easier at this point.

Cover the wooden skewers with water. This will prevent them from burning during the cooking process.

Meanwhile, toast the sesame seeds in a pan over medium heat. Shake the pan often during the toasting process to prevent them from burning. The seeds will be golden brown when they are done. Set them aside until ready to use.

Begin building the marinade by preparing the garlic, ginger and scallions and placing them in a mixing bowl. Add the soy sauce, Mirin, sesame oil, sugar, hot pepper flakes and the toasted sesame seeds.

Whisk to make sure the mixture is fully incorporated.

Cut the pork loin into thin medallions. Add it to the prepared marinade. Pour everything into a freezer bag and seal it shut. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or up to overnight. I like to “massage” the bag periodically during the marinating process. This will cause the marinade to completely penetrate the meat.

When ready, prepare the charcoal grill for direct cooking. Use enough briquettes to produce high heat.

Tread the medallions onto the wooden skewers spreading the meat out as much as possible. I want the entire surface of the meat to come in contact with the grill grate.

When the briquettes are ready, lay the skewers on the grate directly over the coals. Cover the grill and let it cook for approximately 3 minutes,

Turn over the skewers, cover and let them continue cooking for another 3 minutes.

Remove the skewers from the grill. Wrap them in foil and allow them to rest for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the sticky rice as per the “Sticky White Rice/Sushi Rice” recipe.

Begin assembling the wrap by laying the lettuce out flat on your plate.

Place some of the rice across the lettuce leaf. Season the rice with soy sauce to taste. Drizzle the sweet chili sauce across the top of the rice to taste.

Add a layer of Kim-chi over the rice.

Place 2 slices of pear across the lettuce leaves.

Top with a generous portion of the pork medallions.

Season the meat with hot sauce to taste.

Carefully roll the lettuce leaf around the filling so that it forms a “burrito.”

These are highly addictive …. I suggest that you make a lot!