Customer Testimonials

This is where we are pleased to share the kind words of our customers!

Dear Dell, Dave & all the crew that worked on our spring project,

I can't thank you enough for making our property look so beautiful. We have received many compliments because it finally looks landscaped. Dave and his crew do a wonderful job and I am looking forward to our fall project. :)

- Mr. & Mrs. B. K.

Dear Friends,

Unless something goes wrong with the inspection, the house will be sold to new owners on December 31st. Please do whatever you need to do for the rest of the year, and send me the bills. I will be sure to give your contact information to the new people.

Dell and everyone, thank you all for keeping the place so lovely for so long.


Mr. & Mrs. R. B.

Hi Dell,

Must tell you what a wonderful job your crew did! They got every weed...and there were plenty! My garden has not looked this cleaned up in 25 years! (Now I need more daisy, coreopsis, and coneflowers for next spring!)

Many thanks,

Mrs. D. W.


Thank you so much for the tick treatment three months ago. When we bought our last foster home, I took him to lay on a grassy area in our yard to lay on a cool, soft surface. Prior to that he was in one shelter or another sleeping on a concrete floor. As you can imagine, when we got up we had quite a few ticks on us.

Yesterday, K., S., C., and I sat in the shade of a tree on another grassy spot. Two hours of just enjoying the day! No ticks! C. is about halfway finished his recovery. We will enjoy many more hours rolling in the cool grass, tick-free.

Thanks again!

K., D., S., and C.