Recipe of the Week
Maid Rite Sandwich
March 3, 2011

Unfortunately, I have never been to a Maid Rite restaurant but I would sure love to do so. My exposure to this sandwich was through Alton Brown's show, "Feasting on Asphalt". I began to look a numerous recipes and came up with a combination which tastes great. Is it authentic? I don't know. Tasty? Darn right!

*8 ounces of browned ground beef
*3/4 teaspoon of sugar
*Approximately 3 Tablespoons of prepared mustard
*Approximately 4 ounces of beer

To Taste:
*Approximately - 1 teaspoon of red pepper
*Cracked black pepper

Mix together the first 4 ingredients. Add the "To Taste" ingredients as desired. Cook uncovered over low heat until the sandwich is the desired consistency. It will take approximately hour.

The sandwiches can be served with a choice of cheese, fresh chopped onion and pickles.