Recipe of the Week
Stuffed Grilled Hot Dogs
October 14, 2010

You may find it hard to believe that there is a recipe for grilling hot dogs. Many people think that anyone who can light a grill is capable of cooking this humble entrée. As a self proclaimed hotdog aficionado, this recipe made me think I had never tasted one before. Try it and see what you think!

*Hebrew National All Beef ¼ lbs Hotdogs
*1 jalapeños pepper sliced very thin
*Cheddar cheese

To prepare the hot dog rolls:
Light your grill and prepare the coals for direct grilling. When the charcoal is ready, lay the rolls face down open faced directly above the coals. When the rolls are nicely toasted underneath, remove the rolls and wrap them in Saran wrap. Cover with a kitchen towel and set aside until ready to use. (Preparing the rolls in this way gives you the combination of a toasted and steamed roll. They taste incredible prepared this way. And, it's a great way to prepare just about any hamburger, hot dog or sub roll.)

To prepare the hot dogs:
Slice each hotdog lengthwise two times in the shape of a "V" and remove the small notch. Do not cut the hot dog all the way through. Stuff each hot dog with cheddar cheese and jalapenos slices. Tie each hot dog with butcher's string and carefully place it on the grill. Grill approximately 5 minutes and turn until each side is well browned. Take the dogs off the grill and remove the butcher's string.

To assemble the hot dogs:
Place the cooked hotdog in the prepared roll. Dress the dog with mustard or your favorite toppings.