Natural/Organic Deer Repellent Program


Questions and Answers

Our natural/organic deer repellent spray is guaranteed to work. The spray is applied on a periodic basis throughout the year. It protects your valuable landscaping in any type of weather.

Deer are repelled by both smell and taste. Most deer repellents use a garlic and egg based formula that is just horrible. We offer a peppermint based formula which actually smells wonderful to humans. (Apparently, deer really don't like peppermint!)

Best of all, the cost actually decreases after the first 3 months of service. The repellent is applied more heavily during those first three months. After that, deer begin to avoid the treated areas and we can reduce the amount of spray somewhat. We pass the cost savings on to you.

Applications continue year round. The spray forms an invisible shield around your property which deer soon grow used to. However, applications need to continue year round for the spray to stay effective.

If you'll give us a call, we'll provide a free estimate that is tailored for specifically for your property. There will be areas that may not need treating. This is because deer will naturally avoid foraging on certain types of plants and trees.

Our program really keeps our four-legged friends away from your valuable landscaping. And, there is absolutely no possibility of harm to the deer because only natural/organic, non-toxic products are used.