Natural/Organic Deer Repellent Program

Common Questions and Answers

Q: How often do you have to spray?

A: We spray on a periodic basis, which provides year round protection. We have learned through experience that regular spraying is necessary to protect new growth on plants and to properly maintain the repellent's effectiveness.

Q: Can you spray only certain plants that I know the deer eat?

A: Yes, BUT...experience shows that if only certain plants are sprayed, deer start to eat the non-treated plants. Therefore we suggest that you protect all plants on your property.

Q: Does your repellent smell bad?

A: Our proprietary formula actually smells like a piece of peppermint candy. In extensive testing over the course of a year, we found that garlic and egg based sprays which smelled horrible, were actually less effective in reducing deer damage. (Apparently, deer don't like peppermint candy!)

Q: Will spraying my landscaping also get rid of ticks?

A: No. However, it may help lessen the incidence of tick appearances by reducing the food source because deer will now spend less time on your property.

Q: Can you just spray the perimeter of my property to keep the deer out?

A: No, unfortunately repellents don't work that way. We keep the deer from eating the tender plants in your landscaping and we help protect your plants from that type of damage. However, we cannot effectively keep them off your property.

Q: Do you need to reapply the repellent after it rains?

A: Not usually. The repellent formula we use can handle the amount of rainfall we experience in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Q. What if we have an unusually rainy month?

A. If we do experience heavy rains, we will reapply repellent between your scheduled applications.

Q: Will the repellent harm my children or pets?

A: No. This repellent is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is also EPA exempt and environmentally friendly. However, as usual, we do not endorse human or pet consumption.

Q: Will the repellent harm any of my plants?

A: Here again, the answer is no. However, since our repellent is water based, it could burn your plants in hot direct sunlight. As you work with us, you'll find that we do not spray on extremely hot days or we'll spray sunny areas during the morning or late afternoon hours.

Q: Can you spray my vegetable garden too?

A: No. We do not spray anything edible. Since the repellent has peppermint in it, it could affect the taste of the food you grow.

Q: Do I need the service all year?

A: Most definitely! We recommend year-round protection on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where deer are prolific in all seasons. The deer in this area constantly forage for new food sources.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: Our year-round service is very comparable in price to any other effective treatment. Plus, it's much less expensive than replacing costly landscape plants and trees.

Please call today for a free analysis and start protecting your valuable landscaping. Remember, this is a natural/organic program which does not harm deer.