Tick Repellent Spray

We now offer a barrier tick repellent service. Barrier treatments are the single most effective method of control at this time. The tick repellent is sprayed where ticks thrive - such as brushy areas and woodpiles.

Our company offers thorough inspections to determine what species of ticks may be present on your property. Then, we estimate the size of the tick population. We'll tailor a program designed to protect your outdoor areas.

But, our integrated approach to tick control doesn't stop there. We work to identify habitation areas. Then, you can choose whether to treat them with repellent or remove the host area entirely.

For example, you'll probably decide to keep your woodpile. However, an area of heavy brush where deer congregate may need to be cleared out. We can help make your woods look like a park with our environmentally friendly, low impact brush mowers.

Additionally, we can spray deer repellent in brushy areas to reduce the incidence of deer. Brush removal also helps to eliminate mice and other rodents, such as squirrels. Their nests are vectors for tick-borne diseases.

We may suggest placing Damminix tubes around the base of your house. They resemble the inside of a paper towel roll. They're filled with cotton that has been treated with a chemical. Squirrels and mice take the cotton when they build their nests. The chemical eradicates ticks in the entire nest, but does not harm the animals. Damminix tubes won't hurt children or pets either, should they come in contact with them.

An integrated approach to tick control will help you enjoy the outdoors without worry. Please give us a call for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation.