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Our program operates similarly to other lawn care programs. We will visit your property, do a full lawn evaluation, explain the program to you, provide the costs of the program and answer any questions you may have. Soil tests are also conducted to determine subsequent fertilizer and calcium applications.

We will come to your property five times during the course of the growing season and provide the services your lawn needs. Our program addresses necessary fertilizer and calcium/lime applications, disease and fungus deterrents and insect deterrents. Additionally, we provide pre-emergent herbicides for weeds and crabgrass when it is necessary.

  • Fertilizer and calcium/lime applications are made in the spring (March and April) and again in the fall (September-October) if needed. Subsequent fertilizer applications are based on the results of your soil test and will only be applied when absolutely necessary.
  • Disease and fungus control is attained through the use of bacteria inoculated composts. Applications are made in May and also in late-June/early July. University research has confirmed a 95% control in expansive testing with composts.
  • Insect deterrents for grubs, sod webworm and chinch bugs occur through biological and natural controls that are nontoxic to humans and animals. These applications are made in late-June/early July. Insects are also controlled through the use of endophyte-enhanced grasses. These grasses have been specifically bred to "taste bad" to surface feeding insects.
  • Weed and crabgrass control occurs through the use of pre-emergent herbicides. These herbicides are used sparingly, but are absolutely necessary due to the warmer winters of the past several years. Recent climatic conditions have caused weed and crabgrass growth that is beyond our level of tolerance. Unfortunately, we must use a pre-emergent in our spring fertilizer applications to control unwanted weed growth.
  • With your approval, the program will begin automatically and is continuous. Prices are competitive with comparable lawn services.