The ideal pH level for our local soil is 6.5 to 7.0. In general, East Coast soil tends to be too acidic, so liming is needed.

A pH level that is too low will restrict nutrient movement and prevent your lawn from fully developing. However, we rely on a soil test of your lawn to accurately determine the best treatment for your property. We prefer to take soil tests in several different areas of your lawn. We will take small "plugs" from the front, back and side yards.

Our soil tests are conducted by an independent lab in Delaware. THey provide us with the results, then we extrapolate the data ourselves.

We like to present the results in person. Soil biology is fairly technical and you may have questions about some of the data. Then, you'll receive a customized report from us for your records. Soil test results are generally accurate for about three years, then we like to re-test. Click here to see an example of our soil test.

Before you spend money on your lawn, it's always a good idea to test your soil. It's like measuring a piece of lumber before you start to cut it. We'll know exactly what your lawn needs to make it healthy and happy.