There are many reasons to consider a natural/organic lawn care program rather than a synthetic, chemical approach. Our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries is probably the most obvious one.

There are continuing reports about the pollutants that chemical fertilizers release into our waterways. Fertilizer run-off is a growing problem for the Bay. A recently released report on the health of the Chesapeake Bay gave it a C- for the year 2007, down from a B the previous year.

However, a healthy lawn acts as a natural filter to slow or stop pollutants from entering our waterways. Our organic products provide slow release, naturally occurring fertilizers that treat the soil as well as feed the grass. Our insecticides are naturally and organically derived and will not harm beneficial bacteria that move nutrients and decompose thatch.

We began to offer our natural/organic lawn care program on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2002.

This highly successful, 80% non-toxic/low toxic method is now the only one we offer. The program combines the use of organic fertilizers and composts with naturally occurring products to deter insects, fungus and diseases. By ensuring a strong lawn and using basic cultural practices, your lawn can out-compete weeds for needed nutrients.

If you experience excessive weeds or crabgrass, we offer an effective program to combat these problems. In fact, weed controls are the only part of our program that are not natural and organic.

Sometimes, lawns going through transition from chemically based fertilizers and harsh herbicides need this type of weed control. However, within a couple of years, lawns previously subjected to these harsh herbicides can be maintained virtually chemically free.

You need to expect a 3-5% natural weed involvement with our program. If you choose to have zero weeds in your lawn, you may need to select a program that uses harsher chemical toxins. However, we choose not to offer this type of alternative.

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